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Copy advice

What is Copy Advice?

Copy advice is the provision by a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) of an opinion as to whether or not an advertisement complies with advertising rules. It is provided on a confidential basis and usually accompanied by advice on the amendments necessary to bring a non-complying advertisement into line with the rules. Copy advice is provided on request to advertisers, agencies or the media.

Is copy advice binding?

Copy advice provided by an SRO is not usually binding on advertisers, agencies or media which request it. They are, however, expected to comply with it, particularly if it has been provided by the SRO's adjudication committee

Does copy advice influence an SRO's decision in the event of complaint?

In the event of complaint, an SRO's adjudication committee is not bound by pre-publication advice previously offered by the secretariat (i.e. permanent staff). However, an advertiser who has disregarded copy advice will be expected to provide convincing reasons for his action and non-compliance obviously increases the chances of a complaint being upheld.

Does copy advice guarantee that there will be no complaints?

Copy advice reduces the risk of infringements of the rules and consequently of an advertisement giving rise to complaints of substance, although it cannot completely eliminate the risk.

Final responsibility for the veracity of advertising claims rests with the advertiser himself and if a competitor or a consumer identifies an exaggerated or misleading claim, the complaint is likely to be upheld. In the area of offence, it is notoriously difficult to predict public reactions, which are sometimes influenced by topical events and controversies, such as the Dutroux paedophilia scandal in Belgium and the Dunblane school massacre in the UK.

Is there a charge for copy advice?

Copy advice is free of charge for the ÖRT’s members. But for other companies have a charge: 54.000 Ft + VAT

What are the advantages of copy advice?

Seeking copy advice at an early stage in the preparation of a campaign provides advertisers and agencies with a degree of reassurance that it complies with the highest standards of practice. It also prevents time and money being wasted on campaigns which breach the rules and are therefore likely to be short-lived.

Copy advice can also help to avoid embarrassment and damage to the reputation of an advertiser or a brand caused by adverse publicity if a complaint is upheld. In a wider context, copy advice helps protect the reputation of advertising in general.

Is copy advice the same thing as pre-clearance?

Although both procedures take place before publication, they are not the same.