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The Hungarian Code of Advertising Ethics has been drawn up with the purpose of providing professional and ethical norms for those engaged in advertising activities in Hungary. It is envisaged that through its application, in line with the respective sections of European Union directives acknowledging self regulation and based on the devotion and results of the advertising industry towards self regulation, the self-regulation is recognized by the Hungarian Parliament in the preambles to the Act on fundamental conditions of economic advertising activities and the Act on prohibiting unfair commercial practices towards consumers is implemented.

The first Hungarian Code of Advertising Ethics was created by the Hungarian Advertising Association - uniquely to the whole region - in 1981. In this way, a collection of norms was established, which was based both on the code of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce and on the social and economic structure of that time and its resulting circumstances.

In order to prepare for accession to the European Union, Hungary undertook a legal harmonization obligation. Along this process the fundamental EU and Hungarian regulatory environment effecting the advertising industry was consolidated.

The new revision of the Code is justified and made necessary by the experience gathered throughout its application, the new 2011 revised edition of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication and the changing social environment.

The Code in general does not touch upon legal regulations; it considers those known.

The Code is, by its nature, more detailed and sterner in phrasing on certain occasions. It might happen that professional- ethical codes of other professions and industries contain special rules that are necessary not from the advertising profession’s point of view and thus these do not form a part of the present collection of norms.

The Code has been reviewed and approved by organizations of the advertising profession on 17 February 2015. It is applicable from 30 June 2015:

Association of Communications Agencies in Hungary
Association of Hungarian Content Providers
Association of Hungarian Breweries
Association of Hungarian Market Researchers
Association of the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers
Direct and Interactive Marketing Association
Federation of Hungarian Food Industries
Hungarian Advertising Association
Hungarian Advertising Self-Regulatory Board
Hungarian Association of Local Radio Stations
Hungarian Association of Producers and Suppliers of Food Supplements
Hungarian Associations of Professional Market Researchers
Hungarian Association of Radio Broadcasters
Hungarian Branded Goods Association
Hungarian Chapter of the International Advertising Association
Hungarian Cosmetic and Home Care Association
Hungarian Distance Selling Trade Association
Hungarian Marketing Association
Interactive Advertising Bureau Hungary
Mineral Water and Soft Drinks Association
The Association of the Hungarian Electronic Broadcasters
Union of the Hungarian Alcohol Industry

Budapest, 17.02.2015.

The Hungarian Code of Advertising Ethics 2015 (applicable from 30 June 2015)

Code 2015

 The Hungarian Code of Advertising Ethics 2009 (until 29 June 2015)

Code 2009