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About co-regulation


The new media law opened the way by applying the subsidiary principle and enabling the Media Council thereby to provide supervisory rights for trade organisations in respect of persons & enterprises operating in the sectors, industries and sub-domains subject to the statute. The co-regulation organisation is entitled to investigate complaints referring to advertisements injurious to human dignity and religious or ideological belief, the application of promotional techniques not detectable consciously; to advertisement promoting smokables, firearms, munitions, explosives, medicines obtainable only on prescriptions of doctors or to advertisement contents injurious to and associated with the dishonest influencing of minors, respectively.

Co-regulation, naturally, does not replace the autonomous self-regulating activity of ÖRT (the Self-Regulation Association of Advertisers) – based on the Ethical Code of Hungarian Advertisers – but complements it with the stipulations of the behavioural code forming the appendix of the administrative agreement entered into by and between ÖRT and the Media Council.

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